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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
Together we raised $270,000 in 2018.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.

Our Stories

  • Victoria Ettinger
  • Megan
    We will be walking again this year in support of my nephew Simon. We are very fo... more
  • Amanda
    My daughter Jessie Lee (JL) and I moved to the valley in May of 2017, to make li... more
  • Rhonda
    I am walking for my two beautiful children, Lauren and Alex, who are both autist... more
  • Jamie
     I’m walking for my daughter who works hard everyday to be the best s... more
  • Carly
    In October of 2017, our son Callum was admitted to the IWK hospital. The months ... more
  • Stephanie
    I'm walking for my son Eric, diagnosed with autism last summer at the age of 3.&... more
  • Cherie-Lyn
    Autism Nova Scotia has helped Stephen and I a lot over the years with the Ben Ja... more
  • Alrick
     I would love for all my friends who want to go to camp to be able to go an... more
  • Ally
    I'm walking in the hopes that we can continue to come together to make sure Auti... more
  • colby
    We are walking towards freedom and independence for our son. To join t... more
  • Tricia
    I'm walking because I want to help raise funds for programming.  I'm w... more
  • Austin
    To support and raise autism awareness more
  • Robyn
    I'm walking for individuals on the Autism Spectrum across the lifespan and their... more
  • Allison
    I am walking for my daughter Jessica and all others I know who have ASD. Jessica... more
  • Jacqueline
     I am walking to raise money for Bedford-Sackville Autism support group. &... more
  • Kayla
    I walk for my girl, Kayla, and for awareness of Autism. more
  • Jane
    Everyone may not know but  Reed has also been diagnosed with autism this ye... more
  • Chris
     We are walking for our amazing little man and to support all the other gre... more
  • Kenneth
    We are all so very proud of our handsome "Grand Nephew" JOHN! any... more

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