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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
Together we raised $270,000 in 2018.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.


Why I walk

 Hello and welcome to my fundraising page for the Walk the Walk for Autism event!

Why I'm Walking

I'm walking for my little brother, Taylor, who has Autism. As soon as he was born I knew, even at the young age of 2, that it was my duty as his big brother to take care of him. We come from a loving family and my parents were very proactive both in having him diagnosed and seeking educational and social programs that he would benefit from.

Not everyone is so lucky. That's why I'm asking you to donate to Autism Nova Scotia.

The folks at Autism Nova Scotia are working hard to make their vision, a world where those with Autism Spectrum Disorder can live their lives fully, a reality. Not only do they offer social programs to involve those with ASD in the wider community and vice versa, but they also assist those with ASD and their families with educational and employment resources, as well as much-needed respite programs.

I've been a volunteer with a number of Autism related charities over the years, and have had the pleasure of knowing many individuals with ASD and other developmental delays. I have seen first hand the tremendous effect these programs have on their well-being and self-esteem.

So, please consider donating to make sure these life-changing programs can continue to benefit those in need.

Thank you!

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    Colin MacDonald
    902-446-4995 ex60
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