Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism


Walk the walk for Autism

 its that time of year again friends, Tristan and I are looking to raise $200 for the walk for Autism. This fundraiser is so very important it raises much needed funds to give back to our local kids with Autism. As I can't speak for any other families I can speak for Tristan and the impact Pictou County Children with Autism has had on my son. Since being involved with this group my son has bonded with his peers and made many friends, he has gone from scripting to actually being able to have a conversation, and instead of watching from the sidelines Tristan is now fully involved in the events with so much enthusiasm I wish I could bottle it up :) so please help us reach our goal so this group can continue to do wonderful things for Children with Autism!

Why I'm Walking

 I'm walking for awareness so everyone can learn about Autism

  • Coordinator Contact

    Colin Wood
    902.759.1424 (cell)
    902.928.4040 (fax)

Great things are happening!