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Walking My Way!

 Hi there! I hope this finds you all well and healthy. I am supporting my local chapter, Autism Pictou County, and I am hoping you will join me as I "Walk MY Way". to support so many families right here in our community in need! Just Click to Donate!

Why I'm Walking

I am walking because as most of you who know me, I have a beautiful 5 year old granddaughter who was diagnosed just before her 3rd birthday. I can't tell you how shook we were to learn that our sweet baby girl would have some very challenging days ahead of her! Not to mention the challenges her parents would face.

Well, since that day I have discovered that many children are on the Autism Spectrum! I had no idea just how many. In-fact, in 2018 the Canadian Government announced that 1 in 66 children between the ages of 2 and 17 are also on the Spectrum. Since that date, I have been told recently that this number has grown to approx 1 in 55! Mind Blowing!! And I believe that number will continue to grow.  

Supporting my local chapter means that my granddaughter could have opportunities to learn and grow! And my daughter and her husband will get some amazing supports to help them deal with a non verbal child who needs much love, kindness and support. Some of the amazing things that our Autism Pictou County Chapter has done in the past, just to name a few.. Visual Arts, Music Arts, Swimmng one on one lessons and help create awareness that we have some very special young people who need a place where they connected and safe.

2020 has been very challenging to raise funds for various reasons. COVID 19 has created some challenges as many business's have suffered financially with the economic shut down, so the corporate donations are not what they used to be. The "Walk" as it used to be,  had to be cancelled because of social distancing, and families depend on the financial support this group has been set up to offer, but it's just not there. 

So, this is my firts of many years to come to ask for your help, and this year your help is NEEDED for this chapter to contiue helping our young ASD children and their families. I plan on "Singing" - I know it isn't walking, but it burns just as many calories! Ha! Ha!  Every day, I plan on singing a new song and uploading it to my Facebook. If we are friends on Facebook, you can find the link to my donation page. No amout is too little, but I am counting on you! 

I would like to thank you in advace as I will be busy singing and posting. You have no idea what this means to me and my family <3

  • Coordinator Contact

    Colin Wood
    902.759.1424 (cell)
    902.928.4040 (fax)

Great things are happening!