Walk YOUR Way for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism


Support Military Autism Families!!

Join us in raising awareness and much needed funds for autistic families in Nova Scotia!!

Why I'm Walking

So everyone that knows my family personally knows our story, but for those who haven’t had a recent update, here’s what’s up: Our two boys, Jayden and Ryder we’re both diagnosed with ASD a few years ago. Since then, my family has immersed ourselves into ways we can help our boys develop, but also how we can give back to the community. We joined the Walk last year, and I was able to get my ship (HMCS TORONTO) to do the Walk during Op REASSURANCE last year. This year presents a bit more of a challenge because of COVID-19, but also because Jayden has developed Perthes disease and has had surgery to correct it. He is using a walker now, but Ryder has ALSO developed Perthes and is confined to a wheelchair for the time being. So, I got permission from my current unit, NRU ASTERIX, to make a new team for our crewmates and their families to join us on this year's Virtual Walk for Autism!! Our goal is to raise both funds for Autism Nova Scotia, who do great work and offer super support programs for the autistic families within our province, but also to raise awareness for those within the military community who are raising autistic children or who have autistic people in their family. We want those people to know that they are NOT alone, and that there are more people than they'd realize who are touched in some way by autism in the Canadian Armed Forces, and we are all here for each other, in whatever support they need.
  • Coordinator Contact

    Lauren Goerz
    902-446-4995 ex 34

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