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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
Together we raised $270,000 in 2018.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.


Strollin' for Nolan

 Hi everyone! Nolan was diagnosed February of 2017, so the world of autism is relatively new to us even though we've been searching for a diagnosis of some sort since his birth in 2013. Since his diagnosis and some long before, Nolan has been involved in speech therapy, Early Childhood Development Intervention Services, Child and Adolescent Scervices, and most recently, the Early Intensive Behavior Intervention(EIBI) program. As you can, see we've been busy helping Nolan be the best Nolan he can be--and he's thriving!

Why I'm Walking

 We are walking for our son, Nolan. For awareness and understanding,  and for a great cause!

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    Marissa Gallant
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