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Our Stories

  • Chantal
     I am walking for my 13 year old daughter Amber. She was diagnosed with hig... more
  • Vanassa
     We are walking to support my son DeMyron and bring awareness to such a gre... more
  • Crystal
     I am walking for my non verbal 6 year old daughter Chloe. she was diagnose... more
  • Mary Ellen
    In the fall of 2015 my son Simon, was given a provisional diagnosis of autism. E... more
  • Nancy
     This is a wonderful opportunity to raise funds and awareness for families ... more
  • Megan
    Recently my nephew, Simon, was given a provisional diagnosis of autism. We are v... more
  • Tracy
     I am walking for two reasons.  First for my handsome son, who has bee... more
  • Maureen
     All 3 of my beautiful children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Di... more
  • Suzie
    I am walking to give back to those who have helped me!  Since moving to Nov... more
  • Tricia
    I'm walking because I want to help raise funds for programming.  I'm w... more
  • Tracy
    I am walking for my nephew Dylan.  Helping to create awareness so othe... more
  • Joel
    Our son Wyatt was diagnosed with Autism in January 2013, I am walking for him an... more
  • Sharon
    We walk for our son, Liam, and for all the Ausome families in our Autism Communi... more
  • Leah
     I, along with my husband Grant O'Hara, are walking for our son Nolan. Nola... more
  • colby
    We are walking towards freedom and independence for our son. To join t... more
  • Austin
    To support and raise autism awareness more
  • Tekenna
     Written by mom, Holly MacKay:  I'm walking because I, among many oth... more
  • Misty
    In September 2010, our son, Trent was diagnosed with PDD-NOS which is on the Aut... more
  • Sheena
     I'm walking in support and hounour of my best friend Zachary. He makes me ... more
  • Christine
     We are walking for my wonderful son Aydon who lives by Hakuna Matata each ... more

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