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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
In 2019 with 9 walk locations Nova Scotia Raised $273,413.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.

Our Stories

  • Anthony
     I am walking for my amazing son Seth. Myself, family and friends are walki... more
  • Jenna
    My husband Kris, daughter Julia and I (Jenna) are walking to support "our b... more
  • Taylor
    I'm walking because I was diagnosed with autism at 23 years old, in June 2018. U... more
  • Kerry
    Im walking to better my sons life and others life in the community. This money w... more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and he will ... more
  • Anne
     I am walking because the money raised from the Walk the Walk for Autism ha... more
  • Jamie
     I’m walking for my daughter who works hard everyday to be the best s... more
  • Doreen
    To help bring awareness and understanding to ASD, and for one of my favorite peo... more
  • Shataya
    I want to walk for the community.  I want to walk for my family . Especiall... more
  • Stacey
     Zach is my world, my EVERYTHING and ASD just happens to be a part that mak... more
  • Jonathan
    I'm a web developer.  I could really use the fresh air. :) more
  • Colby
     Mom, Dad and I are walking so everyone with Autism can play and have fun. more
  • Natalie
     We are walking for our son, Nolan. For awareness and understanding, and fo... more
  • Jessica
     When Daniel was diagnosed 2 years ago, our worlds changed. Ours days were ... more
  • Parker
    Parker is walking for the sweetest most amazing guy ever - Parker!..and, to help... more
  • Hadeel
    On June 22nd I will be walking for all children with autism but specifically for... more
  • Patti
    As most of you know, our sweet River Sue was diagnosed last November with ASD ( ... more
  • Laura
     My oldest and my youngest children (Karli and Cyrus) are Autistic. We also... more
  • Sara
    I have helped with the Autism Walk as a volunteer in the South Shore for several... more
  • Shelley
    We are walking to support the association that supports our family in many ways.... more

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