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Our Stories

  • Robyn
    I'm walking for individuals on the Autism Spectrum across the lifespan and their... more
  • Crystal
    As most of you know, my oldest boy, Steven is Autistic. This fundraiser has alwa... more
  • Jolene
    My son Aiden was diagnosed at 2 with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and he will ... more
  • Cameron
    I love to run & walk so why not do it for a cause. My Nanny is an EA & m... more
  • Heidi
    I am walking for the most amazing and inspirational child I know.  Even tho... more
  • Linda
     Raven, her family and friends thank you for joining with us on our journey... more
  • Kelly Marianne
     I found out when I was 21 that I was on the autism spectrum and this is my... more
  • Peggy
     We are walking for our daughter Alyssa. We are also walking for Autism awa... more
  • Nancy
    I'm walking for Tate; I want him to be proud of who he is. more
  • Wanda
     I walk for my son and every other person who has Autism and the families w... more
  • Jenna
    My husband Kris, daughter Julia and I (Jenna) are walking to support "our boy" K... more
  • Jennifer
     Ciaran was diagnosed shortly after the age of two, and has made great stri... more
  • Bessy
    My hope is to raise awareness for Autism and funds to help families and individu... more
  • Maureen
     All 3 of my beautiful children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Di... more
  • Rachael
    We are walking with Zack! A happy little boy who is so bouncy his nick name is Z... more
  • Jolene
     As many of our family and friends know, our son Bobby, has been recently d... more
  • Esther
    We are mainly walking for Lucas but also for all the other people who have ASD. more
  • Rhonda
    I am walking for my two beautiful children, Lauren and Alex, who are both autist... more
  • Kristin
     Today, May 12, we found out that our dear, sweet Maxwell is on the Autism ... more
  • Austin
    To support and raise autism awareness more

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