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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
On Saturday
June 16th,
it's time to walk

Our Stories

  • Janet
     I have the amazing job of working with some pretty amazing kids who have a... more
  • Jilliane
     We are walking as a family to support our daughter Sophia (age 3) who was ... more
  • Elizabeth
    We chose to walk this year (our fifth time!) as our young daughter, Rowan Avalon... more
  • Tara
    I am walking for my son Parker who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4. He... more
  • Tom
    To help raise awareness, promote acceptance and understanding, show our Lov... more
  • Anthony
     I am walking for my amazing son Seth. Myself, family and friends are walki... more
  • Colby
     Mom, Dad and I are walking so everyone with Autism can play and have fun. more
  • Christine
    Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders have many virtues to offer our communi... more
  • Alex
    Our son Emmett was diagnosed a year ago with Autism. We walk to spread awareness... more
  • Trena
     I'm walking for my son :) more
  • Amanda
    My daughter Jessie Lee (JL) and I moved to the valley in May of 2017, to make li... more
  • Nicolle
    To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on the spectrum , thei... more
  • Kate-Lyn
     Hello  everybody, this year I am walking for my step son Tylor who ha... more
  • BillieJean
     To support and bring awareness to Autism Spectrum Disorder. more
  • Corinne
    I am walking for my son Brady. He is an amazing little boy and I am excited to b... more
  • Hughena & Stan
    We are walking for our Grandson Emmett because he is brilliant,beautiful and the... more
  • Suzanne
    I am walking for my niece Tessa! Not only do I want to support her but support t... more
  • Nicole
    Though our boys have not been formally diagnosed we know our boys are on the spe... more
  • Jennifer
    We are walking with and for our son, Max and other individuals and families livi... more
  • Tracy
     I am walking for two reasons.  First for my handsome son, who has bee... more

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