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Our Stories

  • Dorian, Mandy & Jaxon
    We are walking for my little brother Wyatt. He has come so far the past year and... more
  • Karen
     I am walking to support my son Ian and all others with ASD.  Ian rece... more
  • Chantal
     I am walking for my 13 year old daughter Amber. She was diagnosed with hig... more
  • Nicole
    Though our boys have not been formally diagnosed we know our boys are on the spe... more
  • Brenna
     I am walking because I have had experiences in life that allow me to truly... more
  • Esther
    We are mainly walking for Lucas but also for all the other people who have ASD. more
  • colby
    We are walking towards freedom and independence for our son. To join t... more
  • Wanda
     I walk for my son and every other person who has Autism and the families w... more
  • Susan
    Wyatt is an incredibly bright child and we are honoured to participate in this W... more
  • Kayla
    I walk for my girl, Kayla, and for awareness of Autism. more
  • Brittany
    I'm walking because someone that means the world to me is going threw something ... more
  • Crystal
    As most of you know, my oldest boy, Steven is Autistic. This fundraiser has alwa... more
  • Tristan
     I'm walking for awareness so everyone can learn about Autism more
  • Heidi
    First and most importantly, I am walking for my 11 year old son Kristian!  ... more
  • Sandy
    Charlotte will be walking (well, strolling) the Walk for Autism on Saturday, Jun... more
  • Christine
     We are walking for my wonderful son Aydon who lives by Hakuna Matata each ... more
  • Mary Ellen
    In the fall of 2015 my son Simon, was given a provisional diagnosis of autism. E... more
  • Tom
    Why I'm Walking To show our Love & Support to our Son , all of those on th... more
  • Austin
    To support and raise autism awareness more
  • Jen
    On Saturday, June 13th, I am walking for autism awareness, autism education, and... more

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