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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
In 2019 with 9 walk locations Nova Scotia Raised $273,413.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.

Our Stories

  • Kyle/Brandon
      The Avery family will walk to ensure that the programs and services for ... more
  • Lauren
    I'm walking so that even more children and their families can par... more
  • Tom
    To help raise awareness, promote acceptance and understanding, show our Lov... more
  • Krista
    I am walking for all of my former, current and future students with Autism Spect... more
  • Annette
     Our family walks for our funny, bright, and oh so articulate boy, Jake. We... more
  • Patti
    As most of you know, our sweet River Sue was diagnosed last November with ASD ( ... more
  • Tammy
    We are walking  to raise awareness for everyone with ASD including our son ... more
  • Lenore
    For our son John and all others who are affected by Autism.  more
  • Mary
     I am again walking in support of not only my two nephews who have autism b... more
  • Laura
     My oldest and my youngest children (Karli and Cyrus) are Autistic. We also... more
  • Alicia
    We are walking with family and friends for autism awareness and fundraising for ... more
  • Shelley
    My family and I are walking in support of this cause because it is near and dear... more
  • Tristan
    I’m walking for my son and for everyone that is somehow effected by autism... more
  • Jeannie
     This is a cause very important to myself and my family ! I am walking for ... more
  • Gary
    As a past educator specializing in learning differences, I have a long history o... more
  • Stephanie
    I'm walking for my five year old son Eric, diagnosed with autism at the age of 3... more
  • Kayla
    I walk for my girl, Kayla, and for awareness of Autism. more
  • Shelby
    Hudson has recently been diagnosed with Level 2 Autism this past March. I’... more
  • Amanda
    We are walking to Support all our friends!! more
  • Shataya
    I want to walk for the community.  I want to walk for my family . Especiall... more

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