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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
Together we raised $270,000 in 2018.
Thank you for Walking the Walk for Autism.
Your support means understanding, acceptance and inclusion
for people with autism and their families.


Hope for Callum

Why I'm Walking

In October of 2017, our son Callum was admitted to the IWK hospital. The months since have been a traumatic whirlwind, much of which played out publicly in an effort to ensure help for Callum and others like him.

Autism NS has been our single greatest support. They have attended countless meetings with me, helped me navigate the media, advocated relentlessly, and even released one of their valuable staff members, a board certified behavioural analyst, to train in-home workers and EPAs as well as coordinate programming at home and at school.

Simply put, without Autism NS plugging the holes in our broken system, we would have had to surrender our child to Community Services, because the supports would have not been in place for him to function.

To my friends and family who love Callum, please consider making a charitable donation to Autism NS. We are not the only family in this province who needs them.

Thank you!

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    Colin MacDonald
    902-446-4995 ex60
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