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Walk the Walk for Autism - Stepping in the Right Direction for Autism
On Saturday
June 16th,
it's time to walk


Support Hugh Garber's Walk for Autism

We are thrilled to be walking in support of Hugh and his Autistic peers across Nova Scotia.

Why I'm Walking

I'm walking in the hopes that we can continue to come together to make sure Autistic kids and adults are given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

As a member of the Board of Autism Nova Scotia, I see first hand how impactful the organization is for the community. Through it's advocacy work and program offerings, Autism Nova Scotia makes a direct difference in the lives of Autistic individuals and their families.

In his young life, Hugh has already done so much to create more awareness and acceptance around Autism. We are raising him to be proud of who he is, and to understand that differences among us all make the world so special and unique. Kindness, empathy and compassion are qualities that our young man has in spades. We're asking that you help Hugh raise money for ANS if you're able, and if you are already committed to donating to other organizations or initiatives, we humbly ask that you share Hugh's page with your networks.

  • Coordinator Contact

    Colin MacDonald
    902-446-4995 ex60
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