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Help Support Hallee!

 Hi everyone! 


As some of you may or may not be aware my daughter, Hallee has been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). For the first couple years of her life Hallee displayed normal behaviours and was extremely advanced in certain areas. By 18 months, Hallee was recognizing letters and even writing them, she she could also speak in longer sentences.

Shortly after she turned two her behaviours began to change, she had regressed, and the daughter I'd known was not the one standing infront of me anymore. she almost completely stopped talking and began to rage. Anything could set her off, and it did, multiple times a day, she could go on for hours, would be inconsolable, and would hurt herself. She was no longer able to communicate with us what her problems were or what she wanted, it was a guessing game. Something as small as not being the one to close a microwave could turn into a 2 hour battle.She wanted no part in being anywhere public and didn't care to play or communicate with other children. she would also barely sleep. It was a problem. A huge problem, which was probably why she was diagnosed as quickly as she was. After many tests, doctors, and a couple medications Hallee recieved her diagnosis shortly before her third birthday.

Why I'm Walking

 Since Hallee's diagnosis she has been equipped with an all star team of workers: a speech language pathologist, 2 Occupational therapists, a community support worker, and respite workers. She also takes part in the S.M.I.L.E. program at Acadia University and participates in therapeutic horseback riding at F.S.T.R.A in Aylesford. These people have made all the difference to both Hallee and our family. Today Hallee doesn't rage or hit herself, she has become more flexible about her schedule and the environment around her, she is learning to communicate more, and to be social with other children. She is a very happy little girl these days.

It was only recently that we discovered The Annapolis Valley Chapter of Autism Nova Scotia as it's tucked away in Kingston. This place is amazing, it is a safe haven for children on the spectrum and their families, everyone is so supportive, the playground is amazing, and the sensory room is to die for. This is Hallee's special place, she will even tell you she loves it (that is extremely rare to hear from her lol). The moment we walked in Hallee knew this was aplace designed for her, she played independently and enthusiastically. 

These people have dramatically changed Hallee's quality of life, proceeds from Walk the Walk for Autism go back into our community and will continue to help Hallee and children like her with ASD!


Update 2017: Thank you so much for your generosity last year, our team ended up raising over $500! Let's keep making an impact for Hallee and the other wonderful children on the spectrum living in the Annapolis Valley!


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